The Mariner

The Mariner Podcast #18. These are the Days of our Lives

June 10, 2020

In this episode I examine the concept of 'Chronoception' our in-built ability to assess the passing of time and how it changes in times of stress, fear, activity, boredom & excitement.

Time and memory are variable depending on what you are doing, how much you enjoy it and what chemicals your brain is creating whilst you do it. This week I look at how sailing offers us a perfect activity to wind back the clock somewhat and begin laying down memories that are as rich and vivid as those created in the heady days of our youth; memories we often identify as the the best days of our lives.

Is there any way to slow down time back down and get off the rollercoaster I- at least- seemed to board sometime just after 40- I propose there is and sailing is a fantastic way to do it.

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